Why choose Pulse45?

With so many fitness programs, it can be hard to decide what is best for you.

Everyone will freely espouse their many attributes and successes, but can they be backed up with evidence based research? The Pulse45 Fitness Program is created and designed by worldwide fitness industry leading trainers with the goal of maximizing results for everyone that joins. Our program is based on substantiated evidence from credible medical and scientific research along with a wealth of information from the worldwide community of fitness experts.
Pulse45 was created to fill in the gaps in other fitness programs.

We analysed where other exercise and nutrition programs fell short and found areas where participants need more help and guidance than other programs provide. Pulse45 started with clean slate and built up with our own years of experience, data from our research, and client feedback. The Pulse45 fitness system has enabled our members to achieve incredible results.

Let’s take a look at why Pulse45 provides amazing results for its members.

Any credible authority in the health or fitness industries will recommend accurate tracking of your fitness efforts. Pulse45 Fitness utilizes the most accurate tracking system available outside of a doctor’s EKG, the MyZone system. MyZone allows the participant to monitor their intensity, heart rate levels and calorie burns in real time, during their sessions. The trainer also can observe the participant’s intensity level, adding another level of safety to the process. Members can also track their progress over time, as MyZone provides detailed analysis of every workout.
With pulse45 Fitness, you are receiving custom workouts designed by trainers who know you and your health. Our scheduling app lets our trainers know who will be in each session, so they can customize and modify to ensure each participant gets the absolute best workout for their specific needs. Other programs may have their workouts designed by someone you’ll never meet, in a home office hundreds or thousands of miles away.
We utilize a wide variety of state of the art equipment, much of which you likely have never seen before. While another popular fitness program consists of the majority of your time on a treadmill, with short sessions on a rower and with hand weights, our program uses items like HIIT Mills, Concept2 rowers, Concept2 ski ergs, Star Trac air bikes, Surge resistance tubes, TRX suspension frames, landmines and punching bags to make sure you avoid hitting a fitness plateau and stalling your progress.
The benefit of a pulse45 workout does not end when the session does. Our sessions are designed to maximize a condition called EPOC (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption), where the workout causes your body to burn calories at an increased level for up to 36 hours afterward.
Because our unique program is customized in design, it is workable for almost any level of fitness, and can accommodate most common medical conditions. We have members from 18 up to 75 years of age, and they all enjoy amazing progress.

Exercising in a group provides a wide spectrum of benefits as opposed to working out alone. A recent study by shows that exercising in a group boosts-mental well being by 12%, improves fitness by 24%, increases emotional stability by 26% and lowers stress by 26%. In addition, being a part of a community increases each participants likelihood of staying with a program versus going it alone.

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