Success Stories

At Pulse45, our success depends on your success. Our exercise and nutrition program is tailored for you by our expert trainers with your fitness goals in mind. Our program is based on substantiated evidence from credible medical and scientific research along with a wealth of information from the worldwide community of fitness experts. Take a look at our success stories below. Join the Pulse45 family to add your name to our happy customers today.

Patti Dillard

Check out Patti and her 50 pound weight loss. Read her story.

Lisa Lozelle

50 pounds lost, over 40 inches down and loving life!

Q&A With Nancy Donnelly-93 Pounds Lost and Loving Life!

“I have been a Pulse45 member since May 2016. Until this point I’ve never been in shape as an adult, and after 4 children (Ashton 13, Canaan 10, Cameron 5, Baylor 4), a career as an Optical technician and a crazy busy lifestyle, I felt fat, frumpy, and completely discouraged.

Ken Duncan-Inches, Pounds and A New Lease On Life

When Rockstar client Ken Duncan walks into our studio for a pulse45 session, you can almost feel an electrical charge hit the room. Contagious in his positivity, enthusiasm and motivation, his presence is immediately felt, yet he is most gracious, humble and ready to help anyone that needs a boost in their day.

Zerly Kemalov

This 53 year old teacher came to pulse45 Fitness after being told by her endocrinologist that she needed to make some major health changes to avoid major medications. Zerly has now lost 47 pounds, has substantially lowered her cholesterol and A1c, as well as having much higher energy levels, and is no longer pre-diabetic! She loves the training, the sessions and especially the Fitness family at pulse45!

Kathe Nale

43 pounds down and loving pulse45 Fitness!

Tonya Aaron

The purpose behind the passion at pulse45 is to see lives changed for the better, pure and simple. Jim and Marian care more about your goals and you than you may even care for yourself at times.

Julie Greeley

If you want professional results in a fun and friendly atmosphere, this is the place for you. I’m a 53 year old mom who was recovering from back surgery 1 year ago.

Kelly Nabb

I have been working with Jim and Marian for 4 months now and have gotten in the best shape I’ve been in in a decade or more… 33 pounds down so far.

Lisa Sims Triumphs Over MS

pulse45 (5 stars plus)….is the most experienced and committed trainers anyone could ask for. They accept all fitness levels, but at the same time are tough but enjoyable to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. This facility is top-notch.

Mike Plunkett - 80 Pounds Down

I believe Jim has gotten more out of me than I even knew I had. Jim is a great motivator who is very knowledgeable on the specifics of how muscles work in combination and how each exercise benifits the body over all.

Nancy Lawalin

This wonderful place is an answer to prayer. I have been attending bootcamp for one year. I am now a “before” and “after” poster child !!!

Buffy Wallace

I have been working with Jim and Marian since November of 2014 and I cannot say enough good things about them. Since starting my lifestyle has completely changed and for the better.

Reesa Dawkins

I arrived at pulse45 in December of 2015. I was suffering from severe stress and anxiety and was there at the recommendation of a friend of mine who is a physician.