Pulse 45 Fitness Supplemental Waiver


In addition to the waiver that I have signed in my membership agreement, I am acknowledging that an extra risk may apply in the current environment from the CORVID 19 pandemic.

While the owners, operators and staff of pulse 45 Fitness are taking precautions beyond what is mandated by the state in order to provide the safest possible fitness environment, I understand that it is not possible to ensure a completely safe facility and that the risk of COVID 19 infection may exist regardless of the sanitation and precautionary steps that pulse 45 Fitness has taken.

I agree that I am participating voluntarily and assume any and all risks for injury, illness or infection, and waive, release and hold harmless pulse 45 Fitness, it’s owners, contractors, agents, representatives, affiliated companies, successors and staff from any and all claims, liabilities and damages that may arise from my participation in pulse 45 events.

I understand that compliance with all safety regulations and guidelines is mandatory for participation in any pulse 45 program.


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