Most fitness programs will freely espouse about their attributes, and understandably so. The pulse45 Fitness program, however, is created and designed by worldwide industry leading trainers to maximize results for every client based on all the substantiated evidence from credible medical and scientific research and the worldwide community of fitness experts. In its genesis, pulse45 was created after an analysis of where other programs may have fallen short and the areas in which participants may have needed more help and/or guidance than may have been provided. Starting with a clean page and utilizing our own years of experience and the data and client feedback from other programs, we were able to create a system that generates incredible results for our members. Check out this footage from a pulse 45 session.

Let’s take a look at why pulse45 provides amazing results for its members.

Most people who join a fitness programs have losing body fat as a major goal. To lose body fat, you must burn calories. Pulse45 sessions are designed for males to burn 800-100 calories in a :45 session, females typically burn 500-700. Compare that to time spent on a treadmill, for example, and you’ll see the calorie burn for most is double in pulse45.

According to research from Dr. Michael G. Kurilla, our bodies use up their stores of readily available carbohydrates and sugars at around the 15-20 minute point in our exercise, and begin burning fat at that point. If you have a 5 minute warm up, a 30 minute session only has you spending 5 minutes or so in your maximum fat burning mode. In our 45 minute sessions, you’ll spend well over double the time in maximum fat burning mode and see the improved results!

Resistance training, as in a pulse45 session, creates a superior calorie burn both during and after exercise. In a recent study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, research showed that including resistance training in with more cardio based workouts essentially turned our bodies into more effective calorie burners. Workouts with resistance included resulted in 56% higher levels of Human Growth Hormone, 81% higher blood lactate levels and Interleukin 6 levels being a statistically significant 3 percent higher. This research shows that training with resistance included has a far greater impact on the body’s metabolism and long-term calorie burn.

Resistance training is also proven in hundreds of studies to protect our bone mass/density as we age. Every pulse45 session includes multiple stations of resistance training for every major muscle group. Unlike other programs that have no or minimal strength aspects, pulse45 will get you stronger as well as help you retain, or possibly increase your bone density.

HIIT, or high intensity interval training,  which is a major design element of pulse 45, has been shown in scientific studies to add years to our lives. In a nine year study at Brigham Young University, which included 5,800 subjects, it was shown that high intensity exercise causes our cells to replicate much longer than they do absent that exercise, so we add up to nine years to our life expectancy. HIIT is a cornerstone of the pulse45 fitness program.

Any credible authority in the health or fitness industries will recommend accurate tracking of your fitness efforts. Pulse45 Fitness utilizes the most accurate tracking system available outside of a doctor’s EKG, the MyZone system. MyZone allows the participant to monitor their intensity, heart rate levels and calorie burns in real time, during their sessions. The trainer also can observe the participant’s intensity level, adding another level of safety to the process. Members can also track their progress over time, as MyZone provides detailed analysis of every workout.

With pulse45 Fitness, you are receiving custom workouts designed by trainers who know you and your health. Our scheduling app lets our trainers know who will be in each session, so they can customize and modify to ensure each participant gets the absolute best workout for their specific needs. Other programs may have their workouts designed by someone you’ll never meet, in a home office hundreds or thousands of miles away.

We utilize a wide variety of state of the art equipment, much of which you likely have never seen before. While another popular fitness program consists of the majority of your time on a treadmill, with short sessions on a rower and with hand weights, our program uses items like HIIT Mills, Concept2 rowers, Concept2 ski ergs, Star Trac air bikes, Surge resistance tubes, TRX suspension frames, landmines and punching bags to make sure you avoid hitting a fitness plateau and stalling your progress.

The benefit of a pulse45 workout does not end when the session does. Our sessions are designed to maximize a condition called EPOC (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption), where the workout causes your body to burn calories at an increased level for up to 36 hours afterward.

Because our unique program is customized in design, it is workable for almost any level of fitness, and can accommodate most common medical conditions. We have members from 18 up to 75 years of age, and they all enjoy amazing progress.

Exercising in a group provides a wide spectrum of benefits as opposed to working out alone. A recent study by shows that exercising in a group boosts-mental well being by 12%, improves fitness by 24%, increases emotional stability by 26% and lowers stress by 26%. In addition, being a part of a community increases each participants likelihood of staying with a program versus going it alone.

You can try a pulse 45 Fitness session absolutely free. Just complete the form,send and we’ll be in touch with all the info you’ll need to give us a test drive!