Pulse45 Training

What We Offer

Pulse45 Fitness offers high intensity interval circuit training (HIIT) at its best!

Proven Fitness Program

The Pulse45 Fitness concept is a unique program that combines the region’s best trainers, state of the art equipment, and killer music. Pulse45 Fitness provides a fun combination of strength, core work, and calorie burning cardio that delivers proven results!

Many of our members have lost weight, improved balance, strength, and cardio endurance as well as lowered their blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and A1C levels. Under the supervision of their physician, many have been able to decrease or stop taking blood pressure and cholesterol lowering medications.


Our trainers design a customized group workout for every session that is challenging, fast paced, and varied, so you won’t be watching at the clock.  Ask any long-term member, and they will tell you there really is a “secret sauce” to our workouts.

With our state of the art equipment and the guidance of our top-level instructors, you will rotate through various stations designed to target and strengthen specific parts of your body while increasing your endurance.  With music that rocks and fast paced rotations, you won’t even realize how hard you worked out, until you’re sore the next morning, of course!  We promise that you will love our workouts, never be bored, and be very happy with your results and that you joined Pulse45 Fitness.

Our Equipment

While our workouts are custom designed by our trainers based upon who is in the class and the fitness goals they want the group to achieve, as part of your high intensity interval training, you may encounter many of the following:  HIIT Mills (self-propelled treadmills), Concept Ski Ergs, Concept 2 rowing ergs, the TRX system, land minds, sissy squat stations, kettle bells and dumb bells (for swinging and squats), Reebok steps, and Schwinn Airdyne bikes (works your legs, glutes and arms).

My Zone

MYZONE® with a unique belt and belt ID code will provide you with real time feedback on your heart rate (99.4% accuracy to an EKG/ECG machine), calories and energy effort. This feedback is given via live display of data via smartphone app, watch, and at Pulse45 Fitness this feedback is displayed on large ‘in studio” tv monitors that can been viewed during workouts all throughout the studio. MYZONE provides unique MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) designed to reward effort to promote fair competition with MYZONE users in the Pulse45 Fitness studios and all over the world. The MYZONE belt and transmitter fit comfortably around the chest and the system is available for a small investment at the Pulse45 Fitness studios.  

From Our Clients

“Todays class was one of those that you looked at the board and thought “alright, no problem.” Then you got a station or two in and started feeling it.  By the end, everything feels worked and you’re getting though it but you know you’re sore.  The competitions at the end when your totally faded just add to the fun of Stephen’s class.  Definitely a great way to start Monday.” Erin

“Today’s 12 Days of Christmas was so great! It was a nice change up from our other class formats. Kellye is so motivating and fun to train with.  Erin

“Kellye killed us! It was great!” Lisa

“My very first morning workout and it was amazing! Stephen knows how to get us pumped up in the morning! Very motivational and effective. Will definitely be doing more morning classes in the future!” Courtney

“First class with Dave, you better get ready!” Howie

“Love rotating thru stations” Lisa

“Awesome class Marian!” Wendy

“Excellent choice of 80’s hair bands tonight!” David

“I love the custom boutique feel of this workout!” Rachel

Pulse45 Training will help you to achieve your fitness goals.  Start today to being your journey to fit, healthy, and to “lookin’ fine!”
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