Our certified group trainers are ready to help you reach your fitness goals. If it’s weight loss, enhanced cardio endurance, core strengthening or athletic training, our skilled staff is ready to meet the challenge of helping you achieve your goals!

Marian Harris (Founder)

AKA: Wahoooo!
Location: Cumming, Gainesville

Marian has been personal training for 15 years, has been featured on the Oprah Show, done a video series with Body By Jake! Marian is also an author. A lifelong athlete, Marian was a scholarship varsity swimmer at Clemson. Her first book is her life story, 19 Cent Millionaire.

David Konemann

AKA: The Allstar Tumbler

Location: Gainesville & Cumming

David graduated from Gwinnet College – Lilburn and has a NASM certification.  David has been a coach for Atlanta Allstars for almost 5 years.

David has a passion for helping others become more flexible, stronger and enhance cardio stamina. When looking for a place to train others, he decided to train at Pulse45 Fitness Cumming because he has the ability to create his own workout sessions to benefit his group fitness participants.

He will rock your work out with classic rock, pop and alt rock.  David likes to use a music app that enables him to step up the beats per minute for a faster paced workout.

Kellye Barnes

AKA: Killer Kellye
Location: Cumming

Rejoices in giving her clients the case of the post workout “O’Kellyes!”  Pulse45 Fitness gives her the freedom to customize her group sessions to help her clients enjoy their fitness experience and work toward their fitness goals.

Kellye’s mother died at a young age fueling her passion for fitness training to empower clients to succeed in their fitness goals and to live a healthy lifestyle.

Her passion for children and music is the perfect combination for her career as a preschool music teacher.

She will rock your class with an inspiring playlist that includes classic rock and 80’s hip hop

Jose Barcenas

AKA: The Pony
Location: Gainsville

Born in Gainesville, Georgia, Jose graduated from the University of North Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in physical education and a minor in psychology. Jose has trained athletes at the University of North Georgia, specifically men’s soccer, baseball, and women’s cross country.

Jose’s inspiration to become a certified personal and group fitness trainer comes from his early life experience as an overweight adolesent.  Becoming fit not only allowed him to move and feel better, it gave him great confidence. Experiencing the positives of his fitness, Jose has chosen to help others experience the same benefits and joined Pulse45 Fitness.

Jose describes himself as a “nerd” who loves reading the Harry Potter books, playing computer games and watching Netflix and his favorite cartoons.

Jose will rock your class with hip hop, classic rock, classic rap, pop and dance music.

Pulse45 Training will help you to achieve your fitness goals.  Start today to being your journey to fit, healthy, and to “lookin’ fine!”
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