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Cards On The Table-Real Facts About Fitness

Most of us have an inclination, when facing a substantial challenge, to look for a shortcut or an easy path to success. Fitness is no different. Buy this device, take this pill, and all your problems are solved. Except for one small detail; those don't work. Period....

The 411 On Activity Trackers

Each year, the American College of Sports Medicine surveys fitness professionals around the world to identify the hottest trends in the industry. In 2016, for the second year in a row, activity trackers were the number one response. In fact, the annual sales of...

The Real Scoop On Fitness and Weight Loss Shortcuts

When my generation was in our younger years, our parents and teachers often told us that if something looked too good to be true, it likely was. In today’s marketing environment, where we suffer a barrage of claims from traditional sources like television and radio,...

How Can A Trainer Best Serve His/Her Clients?

When I was asked to write an article for an industry publication to provide guidance to trainers starting out, or making their way in the industry, I was flattered. To be able to help someone improve their own ability to help others is a humbling task, and rewarding...

Is Vigorous Exercise the Fountain of Youth?

We are constantly inundated with ads from products that claim to slow the aging process and regain our youth, without any real work or change in our lifestyle. Unfortunately, none of them have even been proven to live up to their claims. Now, researchers may have...

Our Column-Gainesville Magazine

Check out our fitness column in the inaugural issue of Gainesville Magazine. Click here for the issue.

Is A “Celebrity Trainer” The Right Choice For You?

Is a Celebrity Trainer or “Trainer to the Stars” the Right Choice For You? There are tons of trainers that promote themselves as “Trainers to the Stars” or something similar. Many people think that this credential from a trainer makes them the best fit for their own...

5 Minute, Easy Salad with Protein and Carbs

Two things that are always challenging in a healthy food plan are getting enough greens, and making time for proper food prep. We wanted to share an easy hack with you that accomplishes both. Want Another option? Try our healthy grilled chicken guacamole wraps here...

Balance These Six Areas to Improve Your Health

The process of educating ourselves about out fitness and health can be a daunting one. We are besieged by ads for “gimmick” products and foods, devices promising shortcuts, and self- promoting gurus who really are only interested in lining their pockets. So, how do...
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